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Interview 100%design with Marco Giollo:

- Tell us a bit about yourselves? Who are you, where are you based, what sort of things do you do?

My name is Marco Giollo and I am based in Magadino at the Lago Maggiore in Switzerlandand I am an artist.
I paint with acrylics and mixed media on canvas.
I do figurative and abstract art and also art on commission.

- How did you get to be involved in this project?

I was invited by Diana Lagalante to show the world what an artist can do with the Xymara Effect Pigments and their versatile manner - including art.
I think art meets design more and more these days.

- Explain the brief that you were given?

I been given the Xymara pigments to use, play with and experiment for use in my art.
Ciba® XYMARA Dual PearlT D05,
Ciba® XYMARA Gold PearlT G00,
Ciba® XYMARA Silver Pearl G00,
Ciba® XYMARA Nordic™ Frost,
Ciba® XYMARA Bronze Pearl B02,
Ciba® XYMARA NordicT Sunset,
Ciba® XYMARA NordicT Pine,
Ciba® XYMARA NordicT Ocean,

- What is the biggest challenge in this project?

The biggest challenge in this project is to paint to combine both the industry with art.
I never know the direction and never know the outcome, until I find style and beauty in my work.

- Describe what you are planning for the installation?

I will exhibit 4 paintings of 100 x 100 inside the Theatre, which will give great exposure to the concept of working with Ciba Xymara pigments,
plus 9 paintings 30 x 30 do be given to the 9 nominated winners of the Xymara Design Award 2008.

- What makes working with Ciba Xymara products interesting/exciting?

Never saw before such light effects by using these pigments.
Plus the appearance of surface changes, looking at it from different angles.
It is unique and makes it very alive.

by Le Vin Chin

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