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Devakrishna Marco Giollo was born in Bellinzona, Ticino, Switzerland in 1953.

- 1970 he studied at the Architect School STS of Trevano, but left after a year realizing that the intensive technical studies were not going to be his real calling.

- 1971 in Lugano he joined the School of Art CSIA, where he got trained with some of the best contemporary artists of Switzerland

- 1971, the same year, he won the second prize for sculpture at the 'VI Bienneale Villa Saroli Art Exhibition'.

- 1974 he won the Bariffi Prize and one of his works was accepted and produced in the size of 3 x 15 meters sculpture at one of the 2 restaurants of the Congress House of Lugano.

-1974/2000 He traveled all over the world, from Oregon to California, from New York to Sydney and from India and Singapore to Hong Kong, exhibiting a variety of new styles of work in many countries.

- 2000 he returned to Europe.
He now lives in Switzerland, works in his atelier in Magadino, Ticino.

- 2003 & 2004 he won 2 times the second price of the Landfall Art Center recycling art competition in Alberoni, Lido di Venezia, Italy.

- 2013 he won the Swiss Artists Contest 2013 with Gallerie Del Mese-Ficsher Prize "Progetto Evo" organized by Kunst Forum International.

His art is concerned with beauty and a peaceful, silent space of meditation. It is this dimension, in stark contrast to the art-worlds 'pretensions' of constant 'novelty' and 'meaning', which he hopes to share. As he himself says:

"For me painting is a meditative act When I paint I am totally lost in the act of painting. It is a 'no- mind' experience. What I am left with afterwards is a canvas that wants to go, wants to make someone or some place happy. When that happens I feel honored and grateful; I feel I gave a little something, a little beauty to the world.

I am using recycling materials, plaster, mix media and strong colors on canvas. I collect waste materials around the house and mix it with old jewelry and hand made embroidery I buy at local markets on my travels to Asia. With that I let go and create interesting free floating compositions of forms and colors.

My message is how to transform ugliness into beauty, darkness into light ... some sort of alchemy.

Symbolically outwardly - is a recycle message, an eco-statement: Use waste more creatively to make this planet a beautiful place.

Inwardly and - very importantly - it is about transforming our inner selves, the gross negative emotions into their essential qualities, trough awareness and meditation.

I just love to do that ...
perfect imperfections ...
beautiful and uplifting creations ...
light, clean and crisp atmospheres ...

D.M. Giollo

Objective art

“Every art can be described either as objective art or as subjective art. Subjective art you will find everywhere; it comes from your feelings, from your heart, from your mind in paintings, in poetry, in music.
But objective art comes from the emptiness of your heart; you just become a flute, a hollow bamboo and the universe sings through you. You're only credit is that you don't create any hindrances, you simply allow the universe to flow through you. With you being in a let-go and allowing the universe to flow through you, objective art is created.”


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