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15 illustrations developed for Faiz Kermani's children book 'Curiosity the Giant'.

Illustrations for Curiosity the Giant by Faiz Kermani

Curiosity the Giant by Faiz Kermani
Written by Faiz Kermani, this is a very short tale for children about Curiosity the Giant - who despite his best efforts could not stay out of trouble. His name had not always been Curiosity but it matched him so perfectly that people had forgotten what his original name was. No one knew where Curiosity had come from but everyone knew who he was.

Curiosity's biggest problem was that he became bored very easily. This made people nervous as he tended to cause mischief. He did not mean to do this but sadly because of his enormous size he could not help himself. All in all people considered him to be a nuisance.

See Curiosity's adventures brought to life by Devakrishna Marco Giollo's imaginative illustrations.


Englishbuy the book in english: Curiosity the Giant
Englishbuy the book in fench: Curiosité le Géant


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